Our Vision

to provide residents and businesses in Rochester and surrounding areas carbon-free energy at a price that is lower than they currently pay for electricity.

✔  100% renewable
✔  Lower Cost


Our Mission

to bring community choice aggregation to the greater Rochester area

Photo by ipopba/iStock / Getty Images

About Roctricity

An outgrowth of the Rochester People's Climate Coalition, Roctricity was formed to bring Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) to communities in the (very broadly defined) greater Rochester area. We seek to provide the focus, agility, and transparency to the local CCA effort.

Roctricty's four founding partners have been driving the effort to bring CCA to the Rochester area since 2016. With a wealth of expertise, they are uniquely suited to educate municipal leaders and the public regarding issues related to CCA policy and implementation.

Roctricity is advocating for community acquisition of electricity that is 100% renewable, or carbon free, that is procured at prices lower than what consumers currently pay for electricity.

Roctricity has partnered with JouleCommunity Power, whose principals  established the first CCA program in New York State.