Our Team


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Susan Hughes-Smith

Sue is the Renewable Energy Transition Team leader of the Rochester People's Climate Coalition—the birthplace of Roctricity. She is a lecturer of Environmental Health at SUNY Brockport and an adjunct professor of Environmental Studies at RIT. With twenty years of environmental teaching experience, Sue's strength is in communicating complex information in ways that are understandable and accessible to a wide range of people.


B.A. in Geology, Colgate University
M.A. in Education, Michigan State University
M.A. in Environmental Conservation, New York University

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Ben Frevert

Ben has thirty years of experience working with local, state, and federal government agencies. Ben has provided engineering services, managed projects and programs, and directed subcontractors and professional staff. He has worked in the transportation sector and in the New York energy industry on commercial scale solar projects. Ben brings to Roctricity experience in project and program management, systems engineering, and technology applications.


B.S. in Civil Engineering
M.S. in Alternative energy

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MArgaret Peet

Margaret has more than thirty years of program planning and administration experience at the County level. Her work in the areas of water quality, public health preparedness, and the Women, Infants, and Children program has included public participation, community outreach and education, intergovernmental cooperation, and grant management. Margaret has also conducted environmental outreach and education as a board member of ColorBrightonGreen.org.


B.S. in Urban and Environmental Studies
M.S. in Public Administration

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Melissa Carlson

A registered architect, Melissa has worked for more three decades on historic building preservation in the Rochester area. She also has nearly thirty years of volunteer outreach experience with significant community programs, where her day-to-day interaction with the public and program members was critical to program success. She also serves as a board member of Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, a community organization demonstrating sustainability in energy, food, and transportation.


B.A. in Architecture