Carbon-free electricity for cleaner communities

oUr Mission:


Carbon-free electricity for cleaner communities


Our Mission

Roctricity was formed to bring Community Choice Aggregation to Rochester and surrounding areas in effort to provide carbon-free electricity that results in cleaner communities.  

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August 2017

A year or so from now, City of Rochester residents and small businesses could have easy access to 100% renewable energy at a price lower than their current rates

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Community Choice Aggregation

CCA allows local governments to work together through a shared purchasing model to purchase energy on behalf of residents. Communities may gain leverage, lower overall energy costs, and protect the environment.


Reduced Costs

By aggregating buying power, communities can be more effective in negotiating energy rates.

Clean eNerGy

CCA gives communities a say in where their energy comes from, allowing them to increase the amount of clean energy they buy.